The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

Rehabilitating wildlife.

The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council is a volunteer-based charitable organisation that is dedicated to the education of the public in respect of the care and welfare of sick, injured and abandoned wild animals. The BWRC approached the Accent team to give their website an overhaul and give themselves a more polished look.

Their website is an important resource to educate and inform the public on how to deal with injured or abandoned wildlife, so it was vital the design of the new site was clean, easy to navigate and simple and importantly not get in the way of the information.

The site primarily acts as a useful resource giving quick and easy access to your nearest rehabilitators to treat injured wildlife by location. Plus there is access to Wildlife legislation documents as well as ethics and health and safety guidelines.

As well as the website revamp, Accent also gave the BWRC logo an update to fit their polished new site.

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