Coastal Housing Livery

Bringing colour to the fleet

New Coastal Housing livery design

Distinctive vehicles

Coastal Housing is a not-for-profit Housing Association based in Swansea that develops homes and commercial premises for rental or sale.

It is one of the largest and successful of its type in Wales and an integral part of this success is it’s considerable fleet of vehicles which are used to maintain and repair the large number of properties and housing it owns.

Accent were approached to rebrand the Coastal Housing livery on a range of vehicles, in particular the electric, eco-friendly fleet of vans. The design team worked together with Coastal Housing to develop the primary three branding colours of purple, green and aqua and utilising abstract, pebble-like shapes (to emphasise the coastal aspect) to create the distinctive vehicles which are now a common sight throughout the Swansea and surrounding areas.

The livery also had to incorporate the “100% electric” aspect, drawing attention to the important eco-friendly aspect of Coastal Housing work within the community.