Dylan Thomas 100

Iconic branding

Dylan Thomas 100 brand

We were over the moon when we won the pitch, against stiff competition, to produce the Dylan Thomas 100 brand.

A logo was required to celebrate 100 years since the birth of this literary hero and all round Swansea legend.

Our aim was to transform his famous signature and familiar face into a work of art. We pulled out all the stops and used a rainbow of colours and imaginative geometry to achieve a unique brand identity worthy of the artistic genius himself.

The Brand

We produced very detailed guidelines to ensure brand consistency was maintained. This brand bible proved particularly important as the 100 years celebration was to become a worldwide sensation, and the logo and collateral would be reproduced and translated in enormous variety.

From websites to flyers, bus stops to banners, T-shirts to vehicles, no stone was left unturned.

The Festival

The year long celebration proved a resounding hit across the globe. For many it was a chance to discover Dylan Thomas, for others an opportunity to re-connect with his poetry and writings.

As a result, the 14th of May will forever be known as annual Dylan Day, and we’d like to think that the brand played an important role in achieving this successful outcome.

Perhaps, like the great man himself, we can (humbly) claim our logo has gained iconic statue.