Helen Rhiannon

Timeless elegance

Helen Rhiannion Bridal

Helen Rhiannon designer label

Helen Rhiannon is an extraordinarily talented dress designer who we are delighted to call a client. Realising that her DIY logo and website were not really working for her growing business, she approached us for advice.

On visiting her delightful Gower studio, a log-cabin workshop swimming in an ocean of exquisite silks, satins and lace, it quickly became apparent that her current brand and marketing tools were not doing her justice.

Helen’s haute couture portfolio of wedding gowns and evening dresses, all hand sewn and delicately embellished, is truly a sight to behold, and this vision of timeless elegance was all the inspiration we needed to start developing her brand.


The thing you first notice about Helen is her femininity, and this is effected wonderfully in her own designs as well as her logo style. Her new brand identity conveys the ‘essence’ of Helen, and reflects the intricate attention to detail she so carefully injects into all her creations. The logo looks divine in colour and mono, and despite its delicate style, reproduces superbly onto a wide range of materials including woven bags and dress labels.


Bespoke, subtle, elegant and fit for purpose. Are we describing a Helen Rhiannon wedding gown or her website? The answer is yes to both. We are especially fond of ‘My Brides’, a celebration of true love and diversity, offering a voyeuristic peek into the special wedding moments of real brides. The professional photo shoots add an air of glamour throughout the website and beautifully showcase her gorgeous dresses. A visit to this website is a treat for the eyes and for the soul.