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First impressions last

We have extensive experience in creating logo’s for brands in Swansea & beyond. Logo design is just the first step on the brand development ladder. Industry knowledge, competitor research, creative expertise and a good helping of inspiration are all necessary elements which feed into the process and help inform the final design.

Logo’s which appear simplistic on the surface are often the result of a multitude of discarded sketches, typographic changes, colour variations, and a fair degree of hair pulling, before the phoenix eventually rises from the ashes to announce: “I am the chosen one”.

Logo design in Swansea

Your logo should be legible, memorable and instantly recognisable

Logo Design Swansea

Your identity is a visual representation of your business and getting it right is vital for the success of any brand. At Accent Creative logo design in Swansea, we analyse your competitors’ logos and conduct research into your sector and target market. This informs the design process and ensures your logo is a suitable fit within your industry, and distinctive enough to stand out from your competitors.

When it comes to logo design, less is often more. A strong, simple logotype that can be easily reproduced in a variety of different formats is practical and more likely to stand the test of time. We create several initial concepts for you to review, and we work with you until we arrive at the final, perfect logo… one that you’ll be proud to display across all platforms.

It's all about creating a strong identity that speaks volumes for your business.