A new dimension.

Visualise your dream.

The multi-skilled designer.

With the ever-improving and accessible technology now available to designers, illustrators and agencies, the need to be equally skilled at the likes of animation, 3D modelling and video have become important ingredients in any successful design agency. Gone are the days where there was an illustrator for this, a video person for that etc. Now in these days of the modern smaller design agency, a designer has to encompass a pretty broad range of skills from graphic design, web design, 3D modelling and even animation.

The team at Accent are no different from this. With software becoming more affordable and clients becoming more sophisticated and informed in what they want to see, the option to offer these new options to clients are essential.

As standards improve so do the expectations of clients.

3D modelling has now become a standard when creating packaging for example. Packaging design used to be very much the standard 2D look with flat surfaces and 2D angles. Now you can illustrate the packaging design in photorealistic 3D renders – something that the clients love to see and something that they no longer have to try and visualise themselves, it’s there in three dimension. This was an especially useful tool when developing the Platina range of skin care products. Almost immediately the client could now see the finished product in 360 degrees as opposed to two dimensional visuals. The 3D aspect also lends itself well to video too. Again through affordable software, the team at Accent can now add motion to the renders to create elegant video – especially good for websites where sometimes there are no actual physical samples to use as yet!

As standards improve so do the expectations of clients. The more informed clients are now aware of what can be done on a budget. Clients feel more confident on what can be done on a technical level by agencies today. It’s things like animation that can add that little something to their website for instance. The animated logo or perhaps a video sequence on their home page that makes the site pop and gives the website that touch of sophistication. The Eliptig sequence is a good example of combining these disciplines – video, animation and the logo design itself all combine for a sophisticated and slick introduction to the product.

3D modelling, video work and animation are now additional tools that any designer must possess – they all add that little something extra for the client and their product.

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