Illustrate the point.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

People perceive images faster than words and illustrations are more attractive.

This is a phrase that very much applies to the design world. Designers create visual representations on a daily basis. Photography can be a valuable asset in any piece of design whether it be for web or print but illustration offers a more cost effective and unique solution. Custom illustrations can be extremely beneficial in a variety of scenarios.

Though graphic designers and illustrators are technically two different job titles, they often overlap. The team at Accent are multi-skilled and therefore are able to offer different styles of illustration – traditional illustration, infographic style and even 3D illustration. All styles offer different solutions to represent an idea or concept.

Visual storytelling.

Illustration can be a useful tool for conveying a large scale, ambitious subject that photography would find impossible to achieve. The illustration work Accent created for the City and County of Swansea is an example of this – a simple and fun illustration that conveys all the information needed in one image rather than a collection of photographs. Infographics are also a valuable asset when trying to break down information in a simple and concise way. People are less likely to read a page of text but are more likely to engage in a graphic or a piece of ‘visual storytelling’.

More traditional illustration style can be used to create a totally unique look to any company’s branding. Custom illustration is often used a welcome relief from the usual mix of text and stock imagery. It can appeal to a particular audience more directly and depending what audience they’re speaking to, an illustration might be the best design choice.


Illustration can add personality to the words. It can also convey a mood and can ultimately strengthen any message. It’s also a lot more visually interesting to look at an illustration than read a page of text.

3D illustration is something that the team at Accent have done a great deal of in recent years. Whether it be creating concepts for packaging design or conveying abstract or complex information, 3D is a more cost and time effective way of getting the point across. No more time spent on producing a sample and then organising a photoshoot. Clients particularly like this for concept work and especially seeing their product come to life albeit in 3D.

Many people are visual learners – they retain more information by looking at charts, graphs, infographics, or other visual cues, rather than reading. Illustrations are not just for children – no matter what age you are, an illustration is always a helpful tool in learning new information. They become especially important for projects such as educational pieces, a brochure for a brand that works in complex engineering, or even a manual for instructions on how to put together a piece of furniture.

Illustrations provide an important visual connection to the information.

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