Charitable design

We work with charities and non-profit organisations

We love working with charities and we really understand the sector

Over the years, the team at Accent have worked and collaborated with many charitable organisations and good causes on branding, print and website projects.

From homeless charities and housing associations to mental health projects and domestic abuse charities, the design team have worked closely with the various organisations to give them a professional look and sheen to go with the important and admirable work that they do with communities.

All about collaboration

Designing for charitable and non-profit organisations can be really rewarding. However, it isn’t always straight forward – a key component is collaboration. It’s a good idea to get an understanding of what the organisation is all about and to get a firm understanding of what they do and how we can help them get the sometimes complex information out there and in an understandable way.

Breaking down difficult subject matter and topics is a challenge but through good design and good working relationships, we’ve launched numerous websites and print projects in recent years that have proved to be successful.

A distinct brand

Creating a successful branding for a charity or non-profit organisation is a hugely important factor – it can represent a professionalism and therefore better represent the organisation’s message (vitally important for funding which is the lifeline for many of these organisations).

As well as creating the all-important look and brand, we also try to help the teams or individuals that we work with by creating templates for stationery, emailers or social media which frees them up from endless hours fiddling around with Photoshop or Word and enable them to do the important work with communities.

Good design can be a useful tool for charities and non-profit organisations – helping to familiarise their image amongst the public and secure funding

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