Designing for tourism.

Creating something aspirational.

The role of design plays an integral part in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Whether it be through the use of print design, creative branding or web, good design has the ability to catch the eye and encourage people to visit tourist locations. We’ve seen that successful tourism campaigns always use sophisticated branding and graphic design together with strong photography to create something aspirational and to make people want to visit a particular location. This combination of strong design and complimenting photography will always keep people interested and help fuel their imagination on what they will see when they travel.

Placing design as a priority.

But it doesn’t have to be large scale campaigns. Here at Accent, the team have worked with clients of all sizes in the tourism industry – from small holiday cottages in mid-Wales to local authority work and from the mediterranean to Langland Bay. However varied the client, our intention is still the same – to create strong design and branding that works. It has never been more important than it is now, especially after the last 2 years of COVID-19 which has taken a terrible toll on the tourism and hospitality industry. As we start to emerge from that period, design has a big role to play in the tourism and hospitality industry not just at a local level but worldwide.

This is exactly what has prompted many tourism agencies and hotels to place design as a top priority in regenerating growth in the tourism industry.


Your online shop window.

Websites in particular have kept the Accent team busy over the last few years. They also play an important role in the tourism industry – these days every self respecting tourist spot, hotel and landmark has their very own website. It’s very much the shop window for every business not just tourism but it’s in tourism that a great looking website can play its part. The Accent team have also worked on event-driven sites such as Gower Walking Festival which in itself is also reliant on tourism and as well plays a part in attracting people to the Swansea and Gower area.


We know how important good, creative design can be for all kinds of tourist businesses and for all kinds of budgets.

With this in mind, why not enhance and promote your tourist destination in style.